Ram 2500/3500 Diesel Engine-Transmission Armor Package


Coming Q1 2022.

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COMING Q3 2022

Gen-2 Ram HD Skid Plate Kits

Built on the experience of hundreds of Gen-1 units in use in the most extreme and demanding conditions around the world, the Gen-2 kit offers even more robust construction, easier installation, easier service and maintenance, and compatibility with OEM protection elements. This new kit is ideal for severe service Fleet-use and Individual-use applications alike.



Although several important components underneath the Ram HD trucks have some level of protection from the factory, these trucks come critically unprepared to prevent damage to the most critical (and expensive) components of the drivetrain – the Engine and Transmission themselves. This skid was developed out of necessity following frequent damage to engines, transmissions and exhaust crossovers on these trucks, particularly those trucks used in forested and rocky areas. While the engine in these trucks is revered and well loved, its oil pan and the transmission’s lines hang very low and are easily punctured by sticks or branches, or crushed by hard snow, mud or silt if the truck buries into the terrain. This skid plate system is designed to offer protection to critical drivetrain components – the Engine oil pan, the Transmission oil pan, and the Transmission Lines.

In addition to protecting the vulnerable powertrain, the skid plate also offers a large surface area to help prevent the chassis sinking into silt, sand, mud and snow, making recovery faster and safer in those environments. These skid plates offer an enormously positive cost:benefit ratio and a huge benefit to mobility.


Construction: The Skid kit is manufactured from massive CNC formed .250″ HRPO Steel. The Skid plate sits high and tight to the chassis to maintain ground clearance. Clearance holes within the skid plate offer drainage and heat dissipation, while keeping weight in check. The main plate has a cutout surrounding the Engine oil drain to allow for easy oil changes without removing the Skid, and the main plate itself is easy to remove for transmission service.

Installation: Very user-friendly and expedient installation & servicing, with no fabrication required by the installer; hardware is included and only basic hand tools are required



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2014-18, 2019-2022


Phosphate and Powder Coat


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