Hydraulic-Assist XHD Steering Package, 2014-18 Ram 2500/3500


This is the complete hydraulic-assist steering kit.  Outside of this kit you must purchase a new OEM Pitman arm or reuse your existing Pitman arm, and you will need ATF+4 fluid (Amsoil red-bottle Multi-Vehicle ATF+4 recommended)

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Manufactured in partnership with PSC Performance Steering, this kit improves the steering system of your HD Ram truck by adding a hydraulic assist ram paired through a high-flow valve body fitted to an upgraded gearbox. This system offers faster, easier steering, and lower wear on steering components and your trackbar, while also operating similarly to most steering dampers. By utilizing hydraulically assisted steering (rather than fully-hydraulic) we are able to maintain all the drivability and sharpness of a mechanical steering system, where the turn is initiated by the drag link and caster forces still correct tire direction, while also improving the system as a whole.

The gearbox utilizes a 100% BRAND NEW current-generation Mopar ‘Big Box’ that is custom machined to accept heavily oversized bearings, at a price that is equivalent to (or even cheaper!) than a stock gearbox or other companies’ remanufactured box. This gearbox is the strongest and most durable option out there for any Ram 2500/3500 truck. Will fit any 2014-18 4×4 Ram 2500/3500.

In addition to the box itself being heavily overbuilt, PSC went to the extreme and developed a high-flow valve body for these gearboxes. No longer is the user required to drill holes in their gearbox and hope they don’t ruin the internals or their power steering pump with metal chips floating around. The valve body bolted to this gearbox has integral ports for hydraulic lines, and provides greatly improved flow rates for a far more effective and responsive hydro-assist steering system.

Hydro-Assist Steering: This is the ultimate steering setup for Ram HD trucks, for applications ranging across all uses; daily drivers, work trucks, heavy tow rigs, high-speed desert runners, low speed rock crawlers. The addition of Hydro-Assist steering is a major complement to the stock steering setup by reducing wear on steering components (steering gearbox, steering shaft, trackbar, drag link) while also reducing driver input and maintaining reliability of the vehicle as a whole. Very different from full-hydraulic steering, hydro-assist steering is the best of both worlds.  This system benefits stock vehicles noticeably, and will be a very nice improvement for those owners who tow or who intend to run large tires. Details below:

  1. You maintain the mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the tires so if a fluid leak occurs you will still have the ability to steer.
  2. You maintain the sharp response of a mechanical connection, with steering input being initiated by the drag link, but prolong the life of your steering components by having most of the force provided by the hydraulic ram
  3. Reduces body sway. With most of the force being between the axle and the tie rod, we remove most of the push between the frame-mounted gearbox and the tie-rod, removing a large amount of body sway. This is especially nice if you run a soft swaybar, or none at all, or if you have a high center of gravity.
  4. Steering response above idle is faster than stock steering speed. Steering speed at-idle is generally comparable to stock or faster. Steering is now much easier than in the stock configuration, and is an excellent felt improvement for these trucks.
  5. By adding the hydraulic ram at the tie-rod we are now able to apply most of the steering force with the fewest joints between applied force and the tires. This greatly reduces wear on your drag link and your gearbox. In a stock steering configuration, all steering force travels through the tie rod, but is provided by the drag link and gearbox pushing on it. In a hydro-assist configuration, all steering force still travels through the tie rod, except now the force is taken off of the gearbox and the drag link and is provided mostly by the hydraulic ram
  6. Eliminate the need for a steering brace


This is the complete hydraulic-assist steering kit. This kit includes:

  • Gearbox w/ Valve Body
  • Assist Ram
  • Hoses and Fittings
  • Mounting Hardware


This kit does NOT include:

  • A new Pitman arm or Pitman removal tool (to reuse your old gearbox’s Pitman)
  • ATF+4 fluid


For 2014-18 trucks

  • This upgrade still does not require any changes to your truck. This can be run with stock hoses/fittings, power steering pump and fluid, pitman arm, and steering linkage.