Trail Ready Beadlocks


These wheels are made to order to the ideal specifications for fitment of tires on a 2003-2019 Ram 2500/3500 Truck. Tire fitment is affected by a few details depending on the year of your truck. The selection for tire sizes offers a major difference in wheel dimensions to work properly with a given setup: 37″ tires or smaller are intended to be used with stock fender flares. 40″ tires are intended to be used on 2010-2018 trucks with the AEV Fender Flare kit. If you intend to run 40″ tires or larger please contact us to make sure everything is done correctly so we can avoid headaches.

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As one of the major components of our business is performance suspension, and as many customers use their vehicles for extensive adventure travel in harsh terrain, Beadlock wheels were identified as a necessity for some customers and as a strongly-recommended item for others. Beadlocks are not for looks. These wheels are offered as non-Beadlocks with great appearance options, but true Beadlocks exist for the safety they provide to those users at-risk for losing a tire bead.

Having the security of your tire’s bead being fixed to the wheel prevents the tires from being able to lose their bead seal, which would lead to immediate loss of all air pressure and complete loss of tire traction. Since loss of bead seal typically occurs either due to severe off-camber driving, due to turning at high speeds, or due to striking an object at high speeds, the loss of a bead during these circumstances typically leads to a catastrophic crash that can easily lead to rollover of the entire vehicle, and can easily be fatal or leave the occupants severely injured. Beadlocks are certainly not required for most users, but should be considered a critical life-safety device for many!

Chosen for their exceptional reliability under 8,000+ pound trucks and user serviceability (Beadlock option), we decided on Trail Ready for our select wheel options. As true Beadlock wheels these add a serious degree of safety and capability, offer vastly improved large-tire fitment, and with several appearance options add a gorgeous look to your truck. Available also as standard wheels (non-Beadlock) these offer the ideal dimensions for large-tire fitment with the same gorgeous looks Trail Ready is known to offer, without the added complexity of Beadlock wheels.

These wheels are FlowForm manufactured and should be considered as a top-tier cast wheel option, combining the performance of a forged rim with a cast wheel, but not entering into the fully forged level of manufacturing. For the most extreme use, see our Forged wheel offerings. For almost all customers we will recommend these FlowFormed wheels as they are very strong and reliable.


All TR Wheels are DOT compliant. However, our Real Beadlock wheels are still marked as “intended for off road use”. Because of the one variable we have no control over, the tire, and the operation and maintenance needed for some tire wheel combinations (see comments on spacers), we choose mark the wheel that way and let the end user decide how to use the wheels to fit his/her needs. More info here:


Fitment of 35″ tires or smaller generally only requires properly dimensioned wheels and sometimes minor hand trimming of the plastic fender liner inside the wheel well. To fit 37″ tires, please note the following needs for the below truck years.

– 2003-2009 2500/3500: Properly dimensioned wheels + fender liner trimming are mandatory. You will probably need to either trim or move some of the rear wheel well opening, or use aftermarket leaf springs that move the axle for a little more clearance. You will also benefit from high-clearance control arms, though these are not required with correct wheels.

– 2010-2013 2500/3500: Properly dimensioned wheels + fender liner trimming are mandatory. Trucks seeing high amounts of articulation may need some rear fender flare trimming or aftermarket leaf springs, but generally just swapping the wheels will take care of tire fitment. You will also benefit from high-clearance control arms, though these are not required with correct wheels.

– 2014-Present 2500.3500: Properly dimensioned wheels are mandatory. Some minor fender liner trimming may be needed. Fitment of 37″ tires on these trucks is really straightforward and can even be accomplished on a bone stock truck on factory wheels with some rubbing.