XHD Steering Gearbox Upgrade, 2010-18 Ram 2500/3500


  1. Plug-and-Play fit to your trucks’ input and output shafts. 
  2. Massive, upgraded main bearings (45mm vs factory 35mm) provides a huge improvement in strength and lifespan
  3. 3.25 turns Lock-to-Lock (stock ratio for 2010-present trucks)
  4. Does not require upgraded power steering pump or a steering brace


This gearbox is to improve on a stock-style steering layout. Click here for a Hydraulic Assist gearbox: https://dethloffmfg.com/shop/hydraulic-assist-xhd-steering-gearbox-upgrade-2010-18-ram-2500-3500/

Manufactured by PSC, this gearbox utilizes a 100% BRAND NEW current-generation Mopar ‘Big Box’ that is custom machined to accept heavily oversized bearings, at a price that is equivalent to (or even cheaper!) than a stock gearbox or other companies’ remanufactured box. This gearbox is the strongest and most durable option out there for any Ram 2500/3500 truck, and is built to order for your trucks’ configuration. Will fit any 2010-18 4×4 Ram 2500/3500 and some current-model 2wd trucks with solid front axles.


For 2010-18 trucks

  • This upgrade still does not require any changes to your truck. This can be run with stock hoses/fittings, power steering pump and fluid, pitman arm, and steering linkage.

Additional information

Model Year

2010-2013, 2014-2018