Engine-Transmission Skid Plate


2014-2018 GAS Skids: Backorders currently being filled; new orders and new stock estimated ~02/07/20

2019 GAS Skids: In Development

2019 DIESEL Skids: In Development


It’s own insurance policy. Offers protection to the Engine and Transmission oil pans, and the frequently hit exhaust crossover tube.



Although several important components underneath the Ram HD trucks have some level of protection from the factory,  I believe these trucks come critically unprepared to prevent damage to the most essential (and expensive) components of the drivetrain – the Engine and Transmission themselves. This skid was developed after I noticed how many of these trucks already have damage to their transmission pans and exhaust crossover, particularly those trucks used in forested and rocky areas. This component is designed to offer protection to three components – the Engine oil pan, the Transmission oil pan, and the exhaust tube as it crosses in front of the Transmission crossmember from the Driver’s side. This Skid is really an insurance policy.

Construction: The Skid is manufactured from a tubular frame of 1.5″x.120″ and 1.5″x.095″ DOM, bent at the rear to clear the exhaust and at the front to wrap around the engine and clear the axle during suspension cycling. Welded to the face of this tubing is a 3/16″ steel plate that runs the length of both oil pans, and has a cutout surrounding the Engine oil drain to allow for easy oil changes without removing the Skid. Works with aftermarket oil drain valves such as the Fumoto Valve, and the Skid will now protect your valve from being damaged or torn off during offroad use.

Installation: The Skid is a bolt-on part. All necessary hardware is included.

  • 2014-18: These years are completely bolt-in. NO DRILLING REQUIRED.



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Bare steel, Phosphate and Powder Coat (+$45)


6.4 HEMI, 5.7 HEMI, 6.7 Cummins