Rear Swaybar Spacers, 2014-Present 2500/3500


These spacers move the rear swaybar away from the axle to prevent contact between the swaybar and a differential guard when extended swaybar links are used. 

Kit includes one pair of spacers, all mounting hardware and instructions

In stock



There becomes an issue with the rear swaybar/differential interface when extended swaybar links and a rear differential guard are used. This issue is seen primarily on Power Wagons although the issue can exist on any 2500/3500 truck. Because the extended swaybar links rotate the stock swaybar downward, the center portion of the swaybar that wraps around the differential will now contact a differential guard if one is used; this contact occurs almost immediately and will occur during normal street driving.

In order to fix this issue, the swaybar must both be flipped upside down and be spaced away from the axle, and new hardware must be used. If the swaybar is allowed to contact the differential guard, this can lead to issues such as a loss of droop/articulation, harsh rear ride quality on compression, rapid wear of the swaybar bushings, and potential failure of the swaybar mounting hardware. This is a simple spacer kit that is intended to be used to fix or prevent this issue and can be installed at any time.


Flipping the swaybar does not affect its spring rate or show any other issues.